YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder Review

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YesWelder MIG-205DS

Yeswelder is a relatively new firm that has been producing welding equipment newly. But unfortunately, the news has not yet spread to the general public.

As a result, I am responsible for spreading the word about it since I believe that the things they provide offer excellent value for the money. Let’s talk about the previously stated Yeswelder MIG – 205DS Mig Welder, which, in my opinion, is one of the top welders available at its pricing issue.

You will get to study the advantages of this machine and what it can provide for you, and I will give you my opinion on the welding machine that is both objective and sincere.

YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder – Reviews & Buying Info

YesWelder MIG-205DS


  • 10′ Mig Gun
  • 10′ Electrode holder,Cable35-50 quick connector
  • 10′ Earth clamp, Cable35-50 quick connector
  • American gas hose
  • 1 additional .030″ & .035″ contact tip
  • 110V/220V Adapter,
  • Hammer &Brush

Specifications of the Welder

  • MIG (GMAW), Flux Core (FC), Stick (SMAW), and TIG (Transverse Arc Welding) (GTAW)
  • Weld
  • Thickness
  • It can weld mild steel from 24 gauge up to three-quarters of an inch.
  • Weldable
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum are the Materials Used.
  • Accepts 110-120 volts at 60 hertz.
  • This input has a single-phase input.
  • The Form of the Current Is Direct Current
  • Duty Cycle Rating 60%
  • Welders with a 50-ampere (220-volt) plug can produce 200 amps of welding current, whereas a 35-ampere plug can produce 160 amps (110V)
  • Mass: 33 pounds


YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder Overall

YesWelder MIG-205DS

YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder,200Amp 110/220V Dual Voltage, Gas Gasless MIG Welding Machine MIG/Lift TIG/ARC 3 in 1 Multiprocess Welder


  • Full 30-205Amp(max), digital display, high resolution, steady operation; IGBT inverter technology.
  • Cooperation and Competition
  • By altering the amperage or selecting various wire thicknesses, the voltage and wire feeding speed may be changed automatically.
  • True lift TIG (requires separate purchase of a tig lift torch; the torch is not included) and stick welding is possible with the MIG-205DS, a synergistically designed machine is emphasizing ease of use.
  • Other safety features include an automatic cutoff in the event of an overload and protection against voltage spikes, current spikes, and overheating.

Stick welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and flux welding are all within the machine’s capabilities, thanks to the multipurpose nature of the Yeswelder MIG – 205DS. The equipment is easy to move around, has a solid construction, and is more than enough for a wide range of welding tasks.

Welders can quickly move it about the workplace and manipulate it thanks to its Synergic controls, making it extremely straightforward to operate. This is especially beneficial for welders just starting.

The price-to-quality ratio of the Yeswelder MIG-205DS is, without a doubt, its most significant selling point.

It is one of the welding machines that can provide outstanding work while being one of the more economical options available in its price range. You may use it for any task you have around the home or for any do-it-yourself tasks you have planned. Lastly, it has more than enough power and a decent duty cycle, so it can handle the sorts of work that continue for a more extended period.


  • Convenient in that it may be used in a variety of contexts and requires little effort to implement
  • Simple to transport and use, this portable device folds up quickly and easily.
  • The MIG function controls make for a straightforward and easy-to-use device.
  • Gas MIG, Gasless MIG, Lift TIG, and Stick Welding in 1 Convenient Package
  • Accepts MIG solid wire up to 1.0mm (.035′′) and MIG FLux wire up to 1.0mm (.035′′). (Gasless MIG)
  • Only use MIG wire in rolls of D200 (about 10 pounds).
  • 1-year warranty
  • Metal wire drive system



  • This product was not manufactured in the United States.
  • Not from a reputable company



I want to state that I am pretty pleased with the performance of the Yeswelder MIG – 205DS. Not only is it portable and easy to carry, but it is also quite simple. Even more importantly, its power can be used to good use.

As with the other 120v welders in this group, it is ideal for any advanced to semi-advanced level work that you have in mind, as well as for use in the garage or on do-it-yourself projects.

It is undoubtedly the most excellent welder available at this price point and is one of the best MIG welders I have ever worked with.

Synergic Controlled on MIG function

2T/4T design: 2T- spot welding and simple work. 4T- continuous long-term welding and releases your fingers.

“One button selection” design, easy to choose different welding modes to meet different welding requirements, Gas MIG, Gasless MIG, Stick or Lift TIG.

Synergic Control MIG Function allows the automatic change of the voltage & wire feeding speed by adjusting the amperage or choosing different thicknesses. It will match the welding chart set in the data.

Gasless/Gas MIG Welding

Can handle 2 lb and 10 lb rolls of wire.

Gas MIG, recommended to use .030″ (0.8mm) &.035″ (0.9mm) ER70S-6 in CO2/MIG and 25%CO2 / 75% Argon MAG.

GASLESS MIG, recommended to use .035″ (0.9mm) ET71-GS flux wire.

DC Stick Weld/Lift TIG

The YESWELDER MIG-205DS can easily run stick electrodes. A stinger and ground clamp are included with your machine for this process. This unit can weld with 7018/6011 electrodes up to 5/32″ @220V .

Lift TIG available (Accessories for TIG Welding not included).


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